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At RealMarkets, we have a depth of experience selling all types of assets. Stephen Karbelk, our founder and CEO, has been in the real estate industry for over 25 years. The following sales and transactions include deals at RealMarkets as well as transactions earlier in his career.

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At RealMarkets, we have a depth of experience selling all types of assets. Stephen Karbelk, our founder and CEO, has been in the real estate industry for over 25 years. The following sales and transactions include deals at RealMarkets as well as transactions earlier in his career.

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If you have any questions about one of our listings, for faster service, please contact the agent for that listing. Their information is available in the All Listings tab. If you have any other questions or would like to learn more about how RealMarkets can be of service, please call, fax or email us. You can also contact us using our online form. 


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When you’re an expert, you’re not afraid to write about what you know. 

Leveraging Media

With every marketing campaign we put into action, RealMarkets leverages many different media resources to reach prospective buyers. To see how we use the power of video and the YouTube search engine, visit our Videos to see examples of how we showcase our listings. And if you want to learn more about the auction process, watch the interviews with Stephen Karbelk.  

We are also connected in the auction, real estate and legal industries. As an expert in topics like foreclosures, bankruptcies, real estate and auctions, Stephen Karbelk has been published or quoted in newspapers, magazines, blogs and books. Many of those print resources are provided here

If you are interested in having Stephen Karbelk speak at your corporate function or are part of the media seeking comment on a story, please contact Samantha Karbelk,  Marketing Coordinator, at

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Do you want to be one of the first people to know about a new listing? Many times, we sell assets quickly so being on our First to Know list is the way to go. Simply join our email list and you will be part of the RealMarkets community.

When a sale is newsworthy, we will otten engage a public relations firm to help promote the sale to news media. During Stephen’s career, he’s had sales covered by:

  • WTOP
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Washington Post
  • NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and other news media
  • Local and regional newspapers

Many times, our press releases are picked up by hundreds of news media outlets, maximizing the exposure of your sale.  

Global Audience

Nearly every prospective buyer learns about and researches all of our sales on their mobile or desktop devise before contacting us.  Research shows that by the time a prospect reaches out to an agent, they have already read about what you are selling, looked at the photographs and/or watched a video. That’s why is so critical to have an effective digital marketing strategy when you are selling any properties, any assets, anywhere.  This allows us to reach the global audience your listing deserves, no matter how big or small the property may be! 

Our strategies include:

  • Professional Photography – If every buyer is looking at the photographs before they call you, then the photographs better be professional.  Whenever possible, we have a professional photographer shoot the property or the assets so that we can capture all of the features and benefits of what we are selling. 
  • Facebook Marketing – We market all of our offerings on Facebook thru targeted posts so we can access likely buying prospects among the 1.79 billion Facebook users. 
  • Email Notices – Buyers that are signed up as a First to Know user receive emails notices when we add new listings to our website.
  • LoopNet – We are premium members of LoopNet, the largest commercial real estate listing service with 8 million registered members and 5 million unique monthly visitors. 
  • CoStar – We add all of our commercial listings to Showcase, the CoStar powered website. 
  • — All of our residential, commercial and land listings are added to, by far the largest real estate website, often topping 50 million unique users a month. 
  • Trulia and Zillow – All of our residential and land listings are added to Trulia and Zillow, reaching the millions of users these two real estate websites boast. 
  • MRIS – The local multiple listing services for the Mid-Atlantic region, we add all of our brokerage listings and non-foreclosure listings to this service.  
  • Instagram Marketing – We leverage the power of Instagram by adding our professional photographs so we can reach members of this 400 million person community. 
  • Lands of America – When we have a land property to sell, we leverage the power of Lands of America to access users looking for rural real estate. 
  • Twitter – When you need to reach a lot of people quickly, sending tweets can be an effective method that we utilize. 
  • – Since all of our agents are also Realtors with Century 21 New Millennium, we are able to add our listings to the newly redesigned website – – as well as the hundreds of other websites that link to Century 21.

Depending on the transaction, we will also list our properties and assets on other specific sites that apply to that vertical market.   Just let us know what you have to sell and we will develop a custom marketing budget.

While digital media marketing strategies can reach a large audience at a relatively low cost, there are still more marketing tactics that need to be used to reach the rest of the market.  While some may be considered old-fashion, they still are just as effective today as they were twenty years ago. 


You still need a sign on your property if you want to sell it.   It may be old school but some studies have shown that over 40% of all real estate buyers come from the sign.  

Direct Mail

Some buyers like to hide behind their websites and don’t answer the phone so you need to send them a letter to make them aware of what you are selling.  We do our best to research the most likely prospects, such as people that have owned or current own property like the property we are selling.  And if they are a high priority buyer target, we will even send them a notice via Priority Mail or FedEx.  Everybody will also open a Priority Mail or Fed Ex envelope!


Especially with commercial properties and commercial assets, we will get on the phone and start making calls to prospective buyers.  Many times in commercial transactions, buyers are sellers and sellers are buyers so they want to know about your sales.  Instead of hoping they see our sales, we want to make sure they see our sales.


We produce digital brochures for our customers to download.  We also have brochures at our properties for prospects to take with them. 

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Marketing Services

At RealMarkets, we pride ourselves on the way we market what we sell.

We believe that when we are hired by a client, our job is to create the market and not just list the property and wait for a buyer. Even though “auction” is in our name, not every property and asset we sell goes through a traditional auction process, but if we do our job right, we will create a multiple offer situation, resulting in the highest price the market will pay.

That is why we offer brokerage and auction services to our clients. Sometimes an online auction process is the best way to sell a particular property but other times, the brokerage method may be the best solution. By drawing on his 25 years of real estate sales experience, and over 20 years of auction experience, Stephen Karbelk is the best professional to understand what you have to sell and he’ll know what the best sale solution will be.  

Behind every successful sale is a well-thought out marketing strategy. At RealMarkets, there are three components to every marketing plan:

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Our team of skilled, experienced experts can assist you with any of your marketing and sale needs.  Whether it's the sale of a luxury home, a resort hotel, a fleet of vehicles or a commercial equipment liquidation, we have the experience. 

Past Sales and Transactions

At RealMarkets, we have a depth of experience selling all types of assets. Stephen Karbelk, our founder and CEO, has been in the real estate industry for over 25 years. The following sales and transactions include deals at RealMarkets as well as transactions earlier in his career.

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Whether you are buying or selling with RealMarkets, you can consider it sold! 

Led by real estate and auction industry veteran, Stephen Karbelk, we know how to bring property to the market, encourage offers and close the deal.  

We are proud to have a very high success rate, selling all types of commercial, residential and land properties in the Mid-Atlantic region as well as other regions in the United States. We also have a highly successful track record selling all types of commercial equipment. Finally, we have sold unique investments as well, including intellectual property, minority interests in LLC’s, defaulted loans and judgments.  

At RealMarkets, you never know what we will be selling next. We encourage you to sign up for our First to Know email list and be part of the RealMarkets community.

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