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The RealMarkets team specializes in offering real estate services for corporate clients, including lenders, servicers and asset managers.  We offer Broker Price Opinion services and Listing Marketing services.  What makes the RealMarkets team so unique is:

  • RealMarkets is a real estate team affiliated with Century 21 New Millennium.  In 2019, within the Century 21 brokerage system, RealMarkets was ranked #1 in Virginia and #7 Nationwide. We service the greater Washington, DC region, including Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia and Washington, DC. 

  • RealMarkets sold over $40,000,000 in residential and commercial real estate last year, ranging from lower-value homes to multi-million dollar commercial transactions.  Our career transactions for our team exceed $350 million with thousands of transactions. 

  • Our team is led by Stephen Karbelk, REALTOR, a real estate professional first licensed in December 1992.

  • Stephen Karbelk is a licensed auctioneer in Virginia, West Virginia, Washington, DC and parts of Maryland (Maryland does not have a statewide auction license law but instead it’s county by county).   When you have a property to sell through an online auction platform, like Hubzu, we know how to encourage buyers and brokers to participate in the auction process because we’ve been doing for over two decades.  It’s a process we understand, we will support and we will help make successful so that your properties sell for fair market value. 

  • Our processes are designed to support corporate business activities, like your business.  

  • In addition to using our client’s web portals to manage transactions and tasks, we also have our own custom-built Salesforce © platform.  This platform was designed and implemented by RealMarkets and our developer. 

  • We have our own custom website – – along with a database of over 14,000 contacts in our ActivePipe email system

  • We only use professional photography for our corporate client listings.  We believe that your properties need to be represented in the best possible image so that buyers are motivated to learn more and to tour your listings. 

  • We pride ourselves on being accessible to our clients, to interested buyers and to the brokerage community.   We want every interaction with our team to be the best possible interaction. 

  • We have the financial resources, systems and vendor relationships in place to manage rekeying, pre-approved repairs and maintenance services.   We also have extensive experience getting multiple bids when our client guidelines require it. 

  • We have Sentrilock (Realtor) lockboxes as well as combination lockboxes available for each listing. 

  • We have a teamwide DropBox account that each agent uses for managing our listings.  This allows us to have instant access to all available property information to serve our clients.  We also keep all site inspection photographs, by date inspected, in each property folder, so that we have a record of our initial drive-by inspection, first interior site inspection, and follow-up inspections.  

To learn more about our REO Services, please contact Stephen Karbelk, Team Leader, at 571-481-1037 or

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Brokerage Sales

At RealMarkets, we have a depth of experience selling all types of assets. Stephen Karbelk, our founder and CEO, has been in the real estate industry for over 25 years. The following sales and transactions include deals at RealMarkets as well as transactions earlier in his career.

Past Auctions

At RealMarkets, we have a depth of experience selling all types of assets. Stephen Karbelk, our founder and CEO, has been in the real estate industry for over 25 years. The following sales and transactions include deals at RealMarkets as well as transactions earlier in his career.

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If you have any questions about one of our listings, for faster service, please contact the agent for that listing. Their information is available in the All Listings tab. If you have any other questions or would like to learn more about how RealMarkets can be of service, please call, fax or email us. You can also contact us using our online form. 


20333 Medalist Drive
Ashburn, VA  20147

Phone:  571-481-1037
Fax: 866-248-7066


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When you’re an expert, you’re not afraid to write about what you know. 

Leveraging Media

With every marketing campaign we put into action, RealMarkets leverages many different media resources to reach prospective buyers. To see how we use the power of video and the YouTube search engine, visit our Videos to see examples of how we showcase our listings. And if you want to learn more about the auction process, watch the interviews with Stephen Karbelk.  

We are also connected in the auction, real estate and legal industries. As an expert in topics like foreclosures, bankruptcies, real estate and auctions, Stephen Karbelk has been published or quoted in newspapers, magazines, blogs and books. Many of those print resources are provided here

If you are interested in having Stephen Karbelk speak at your corporate function or are part of the media seeking comment on a story, please contact Samantha Karbelk,  Marketing Coordinator, at

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Do you want to be one of the first people to know about a new listing? Many times, we sell assets quickly so being on our First to Know list is the way to go. Simply join our email list and you will be part of the RealMarkets community.

Global Audience

Nearly every prospective buyer learns about and researches our listings on their mobile or desktop device before contacting us. Research shows that by the time a prospect reaches out to an agent, they have already read about what you are selling, looked at the photographs or videos and researched the comparable properties. That’s why is so critical to have an effective digital marketing strategy when you are selling any properties, any assets, anywhere.  This allows us to reach the global audience your listing deserves, no matter how big or small the property may be! 

Our strategies include:

  • Professional Photography – If every buyer is looking at the photographs before they call you, then the photographs need to be professional.  Whenever possible, we have a professional photographer shoot the property or the assets so that we can capture all of the features and benefits of what we are selling.  For higher value properties or those properties with special features that are best viewed by a drone, we customarily provide a marketing video.
  • Facebook Social Ad Engine Marketing – We market all of our offerings on Facebook through targeted posts so we can access likely buying prospects among their billions of Facebook users. 
  • – Since all of our agents are also Realtors with Century 21 New Millennium, we are able to add our listings to the newly redesigned website – – as well as the dozens of other websites that link to Century 21.
  • Century 21 Fine Homes & Estates – When you have a luxury property, we leverage the power of our Fine Homes & Estate brand, bringing more resources to expose your listing worldwide
  • Email Notices – Buyers that are signed up as a First to Know user receive email notices when we add new listings to our website. We have thousands of prospective buyers in our database that want to learn about your listing.
  • BrightMLS – As Realtors and members of our respective Realtor Boards, we are required to add all of our real estate listings to BrightMLS.  Our MLS system feeds into dozens of real estate websites, making your listing available to millions of people.
  • — All of our residential, commercial and land listings are added to, by far the largest real estate website, often topping 50 million unique users a month. 
  • Trulia and Zillow – All of our residential and land listings are added to Trulia and Zillow, reaching the millions of users these two real estate websites boast. 
  • Instagram Marketing – We leverage the power of Instagram by adding our professional photographs so we can reach members of this 800-million-person community. 
  • Twitter – When you need to reach a lot of people quickly, sending tweets can be an effective method that we utilize. 

Commercial Listings also include:

  • LoopNet – We are premium members of LoopNet, the largest commercial real estate listing service with 8 million registered members and 5 million unique monthly visitors. 
  • CoStar – We add all of our commercial listings to CoStar so the top commercial professionals will have access to your listings.
  • Crexi – Combining active sales and leasing marketplace into one system will add awareness to your property. The Crexi website has become one of the most active marketplaces in the Commercial Real Estate industry.
  • Century 21 Commercial – All listings are added to our Century 21 Commercial website, giving exposure to our Commercial Advisors in more than 640 commercial investment offices.  Plus, you get the power of the Century 21 brand name, the most recognized brand in the world and supported by 9,400 offices, 127,000+ independent sales associates in 80 countries. 
  • Brevitas – With this being one of the leading Private Commercial Real Estate platforms it allows us to post our listings and reach a different group of people than other commercial websites. This helps us reach more people and get your property the most amount of coverage.
  • 42Floors – Washington D.C is one of their top-listed cities for commercial office real estate to be listed on their site. With Washington D.C being located so close to us this brings big marketing benefits.

Depending on the transaction, we will also list our properties and assets on other specific sites that apply to that vertical market.  Just let us know what you have to sell, and we will develop a custom marketing budget. We will do everything in our power to make sure your listings are marketed in the best marketing sites for maximum visibility. 

Short Sales 

Short Sales Process Management

You never know when "life happens" and you find yourself in a situation where you can't sell your residential or commercial property because you owe more than the property is worth.  When this happens, call RealMarkets.  We have extensive experience selling properties through the short sale process.  Managed by Robert Walters, Rob will help you navigate the short sale approval process and, if necessary, introduce one of our professional partners into the process, if needed, to help manage a successful transaction. 


Bankruptcy Short Sale Process Management

We also manage short sales for Bankruptcy Trustees.  In this situation, the Debtor that filed for Chapter 7 owes more money than the property is worth and they have no ability to bring the mortgage current.  A Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee is appointed to sell all eligible property to produce funds from which to pay unsecured creditors.  All bankruptcy sales, including sales of real estate, require a court order approving the sale.  Trustees incur costs associated with obtaining that approval, including attorney's and accounting fees associated with drafting, filing and serving relevant court papers, and preparing for and attending the related hearings required by the bankruptcy court.  For this reason, Trustees can only sell the property if it results in a “meaningful” distribution to the unsecured creditors of the borrower.  The word “meaningful” is a flexible term and the amount is often based upon the trustee’s judgment but in all cases must be approved by the bankruptcy court.  Our team has navigated the short sale process for bankruptcy trustees many times, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars recovered for unsecured creditors.  While the process can take 3 to 6 months to complete, it often results in a successful transaction for all parties involved. 

Success with Short Sales

RealMarkets has successfully negotiated commercial or residential short sales with the following mortgage companies, banks and loan servicers:


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Marketing Services

At RealMarkets, we pride ourselves on the way we market what we sell.

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Our Award Winning Team

Our team has closed hundreds of residential and commercial transactions throughout our careers. Whether it's the sale of a commercial building, a luxury residence or undeveloped land, we have sold before and chances are, we've done it many times before. We're experts in commercial leasing, real estate auctions, short sale transactions, fiduciary sales for Trustees and Receivers, and just about any type of "legal" sale transaction. RealMarkets is here to help so please contact us and let us know what we can do for you. No matter how complicated your sale or lease transaction may be, we can help.


Our Rankings:

  • #1 Century 21 Team, Virginia (2019)
  • #1 Century 21 New Millennium Commercial Team (2019)
  • #5 Century 21 Team, Nationwide (2019)
  • #10 Century 21 Team, Global (2019)

To learn more about Century 21 New Millennium, please visit C21NM Corporate Brochure!

Past Sales and Transactions

At RealMarkets, we have a depth of experience selling all types of assets. Stephen Karbelk, our founder and CEO, has been in the real estate industry for over 25 years. The following sales and transactions include deals at RealMarkets as well as transactions earlier in his career.

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Consider it Sold 

Whether you are buying or selling with RealMarkets, you can consider it sold! 

Our real estate team, led by industry veteran Stephen Karbelk, has closed hundreds of residential and commercial real estate transactions.  

We are proud to have a very high success rate, selling all types of commercial, residential and land properties in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC.  In 2019, the RealMarkets team achieved:

  • #1 Century 21 Real Estate Team, Virginia
  • #1 Century 21 New Millennium Commercial Team
  • #5 Century 21 Real Estate Team, Nationwide
  • #10 Century 21 Real Estate Team, Global

If we can assist you with the sale or lease of your residential or commercial property, please contact us at 571-481-1037 or

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