Marketing Services

At RealMarkets, we pride ourselves on the way we market what we sell.

We believe that when we are hired by a client, our job is to create the market and not just list the property and wait for a buyer. Even though “auction” is in our name, not every property and asset we sell goes through a traditional auction process, but if we do our job right, we will create a multiple offer situation, resulting in the highest price the market will pay.

That is why we offer brokerage and auction services to our clients. Sometimes an online auction process is the best way to sell a particular property but other times, the brokerage method may be the best solution. By drawing on his 25 years of real estate sales experience, and over 20 years of auction experience, Stephen Karbelk is the best professional to understand what you have to sell and he’ll know what the best sale solution will be.  

Behind every successful sale is a well-thought out marketing strategy. At RealMarkets, there are three components to every marketing plan:

When a sale is newsworthy, we will otten engage a public relations firm to help promote the sale to news media. During Stephen’s career, he’s had sales covered by:

  • WTOP
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Washington Post
  • NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and other news media
  • Local and regional newspapers

Many times, our press releases are picked up by hundreds of news media outlets, maximizing the exposure of your sale.