Marketing Services

At RealMarkets, we pride ourselves on the way we market what we sell.

While digital media marketing strategies can reach a large audience at a relatively low cost, there are still more marketing tactics that need to be used to reach the rest of the market.  While some may be considered old-fashion, they still are just as effective today as they were twenty years ago. 


You still need a sign on your property if you want to sell it.   It may be old school but some studies have shown that over 40% of all real estate buyers come from the sign.  

Direct Mail

Some buyers like to hide behind their websites and don’t answer the phone so you need to send them a letter to make them aware of what you are selling.  We do our best to research the most likely prospects, such as people that have owned or current own property like the property we are selling.  And if they are a high priority buyer target, we will even send them a notice via Priority Mail or FedEx.  Everybody will also open a Priority Mail or Fed Ex envelope!


Especially with commercial properties and commercial assets, we will get on the phone and start making calls to prospective buyers.  Many times in commercial transactions, buyers are sellers and sellers are buyers so they want to know about your sales.  Instead of hoping they see our sales, we want to make sure they see our sales.


We produce digital brochures for our customers to download.  We also have brochures at our properties for prospects to take with them. 

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