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Tremont - Press Release - v3 - FINAL FOR RELEASE

TOWNSEND, TN - On Tuesday, October 17th, the current owner has elected to accept a pre-auction offer made by an interested party for the Tremont Outdoor Resort Campground located in Townsend, TN. 


“After much deliberation and consideration, the current owner, in consultation with their attorney, decided that it was in their best interest to accept the offer at hand,” said Kenny Phillips, President of Powell Auction & Realty, LLC of Knoxville, TN. “It was an honor to work on this project and ensure that all parties were satisfied with our marketing efforts for selling this property in a timely manner, for what the sellers felt was an optimal price,” Phillips continued.  The sale of the property is expected to close by the end of the month.   The identity of the buyer is not being released until after the transaction settles. 


Tremont Outdoor Resort Campground is situated on over 55 acres, located in Townsend, TN on the beautiful Little River - the closest campground in the Townsend area to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Tremont Outdoor Resort currently features 121 total camping sites and 26 cabins.


“This gorgeous property is full of immense opportunity for future growth and development. The new owner is fortunate to obtain such a spectacular property,” stated Stephen Karbelk, CEO of Auction Markets, LLC of Ashburn, VA.


“On behalf of Powell Auction & Realty, LLC, Auction Markets, LLC and the property owner, we would collectively like to thank all parties for their interest in Tremont Outdoor Resort Campground,” said Phillip Hopper with Powell Auction & Realty, LLC. Hopper continued, “Since 1972, Powell Auction & Realty, LLC has conducted auctions and sales in East Tennessee, developing itself as the premier auction company in the area. It’s always the goal of our company to satisfy the current owners of our auction properties by obtaining the highest possible value for a property, whether at auction or with a pre-auction contract.”


For more information on future auction projects, call 865-938-3403 or visit us online at www.powellauction.com.