3009 Annandale Road
Falls Church, VA 22042


On behalf of a Chapter 7 Trustee, we are offering for sale, subject to the terms of the Sale Motion pending before the US Bankruptcy Court, 100% of the stock ownership in a valuable full service car wash located about two miles inside the Beltway near the intersection of Rt. 50 and Annandale Road in Falls Church, Virginia.    This offering includes the real estate, equipment and business assets belonging to SeCar Auto Wash, Inc (“SeCar”).  The current offer pending before the Bankruptcy Court is for the purchase of 100% of the stock in SeCar for $375,000, subject to the existing mortgage and liabilities of the company totaling approximately $3,800,000+/-.  A prospective buyer can submit a higher and better offer for the stock by submitting a competing written offer to the Trustee and Stephen Karbelk by Thursday, June 15, 2017 at 5:00pm, subject to the detailed requirements in the TRUSTEE’S NOTICE OF INTENTION TO SELL PROPERTY OF THE ESTATE BACK TO THE DEBTOR, NOTICE OF HEARING ON MOTION AND NOTICE OF OPPORTUNITY TO OBJECT OR MAKE HIGHER BID (the “Sale Motion”)(Doc 348) filed with the US Bankruptcy Court, Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria Division.   Each buyer shall also be required to attend the Bankruptcy Court sale hearing on Tuesday, June 20, 2017 at 9:30am located at the US Bankruptcy Court, Courtroom III, 200 S. Washington Street, Alexandria, VA 22314.  Please refer to the Sale Motion for details.  Given the complexities of this particular transaction, prospective buyers are encouraged, but not required, to be represented by counsel prior to submitting an offer and participating in the sale hearing process.   No brokerage commission is offered to cooperating brokers for a stock sale transaction.   All sales are subject to US Bankruptcy Court approval.  Contact RealtyMarkets to obtain a Confidentiality Agreement to see the available financials. 


  • Status: Sold
  • Sold Date: 06/20/17
  • Agent: Stephen Karbelk
  • Property Type: Commercial

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